Liz Hosking


I have worked primarily in child and youth mental health across the DHB, NGO, and Private sectors and across the spectrum of health promotion to secondary mental health crisis support. I have a keen interest in systemic practice, startup organisations, and project delivery. I have worked most of my career in child and youth mental health out at Counties. I then transitioned for a stint into the tele-health mental health stage. After that, I then had a go in NGO land working in an advocacy role for children in Oranga Tamariki care.
I now work at the University of Auckland working as Manager of Student Conduct and Care, I cross a number of health wellbeing clinical case management and misconduct services which is very interesting and keeps me very busy. I have always really loved working with young people since I decided I wanted to do health in High School, I was really lucky Diana Dawson, who is a previous SYHPANZ Exec member was my school nurse and it was really cool cause when I was studying Nursing I got to do my Community Nurse placement back in the school with her being my Preceptor and then being really cool to both being colleagues working in the sector, and I just always loved it. Young people are much more open to doing things differently and accepting of doing things in new ways, whereas adults can be a little stuck in our ways.

Bachelor of Nursing – 2009, MIT
Post Grad Cert Mental Health Nursing – 2010, University of Auckland
Post Grad Diploma Child and Youth Mental Health – 2014, University of Auckland