SYHPANZ supports the youth workforce & advocates for young people

We’re unique in that we connect with many within the health sector, including partnering with the Ministry of Health and with many different community and international organisations. Most importantly however, is that we connect with those that we hope to benefit the most – our youth, Aotearoa’s rangatahi.

We are in a vital position to be able to hear the voices of these rangatahi directly and to then be able to feed that through the work and projects we are a part of.

If you would like to learn more about what we do please join us on our journey.

Our current projects:

  • Te Tatau Kitenga (National Youth Health Leadership Group) working with Ministry of Health on Enhancement of School Based Health Services
    • Te Rōpū Matanga O Rangatahi (Maori Expert Advisory Group – equal partners within Te Tatau Kitenga)
  • Raise the National Youth Health Profile
  • Collaboration with Australian Association of Adolescent Health
  • RACP Webinar Series
  • PSNZ Governance Group
  • INVOLVE Conference Rōpū 
  • Thriving Rangatahi Population Explorer (access)
  • SBHS Forums (website)