19 Jan

Plan for INVOLVE 2020

The theme for INVOLVE 2020 is…

Our Waka, New Seas
With what’s in our waka, together we navigate new seas.

INVOLVE 2020 focuses on the changes we see approaching the sectors working with the taiohi/youth of Aotearoa. It also looks at the skills, tools, wisdom and connections we have to meet these changes – including the histories that inform us.

We are excited to be in this waka with you!

Less than 12months away and we are busy planning and engaging  Youth Health & Development presenters for clinical topics and trends.

Some of the topics to date we aim to offer are:

  • Transgender care in the community
  • Trauma and attachment on relationships
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Sexual Assault
  • More to come …

Get in touch with us and let us know of topics that you are keen to learn more about.

Contact us by:

Keep up to date with conference developments via our website and INVOLVE 2020 website

Please let us know if you are aware of any sponsorship or other funding access to support INVOLVE 2020.