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    We’ve had four new funds set up with ACF.  The Youthfund is a youth led fund to support and promote youth leadership and initiatives. A new giving group, the Better Beginnings Collective Fund is underway (more from them in the future). Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund has come under ACF’s wing, which is really exciting and will be a long term role in enabling the continuance of Auckland Zoo’s internationally regarded Conservation work. Finally the Rua & Clarrie Stevens Charitable Trust is now part of ACF, with well-known philanthropists Lee & Penny Stevens continuing the 45 years history of family philanthropy with ACF’s support. Click here to read more.

    Hilary Sumpter
    Chief Executive Officer

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    Welcome to the Disability Connect e-bulletin for week beginning 17th August 2015. Click on the link below to access the e-bulletin and read about:

    • Transition Expo – another huge success this year – bigger than ever before with 370 families visiting! Please contact us with any feedback you might have and keep an eye out for our attendee’s survey in the next e-bulletin
    • Education Legal Issues – a new round of these seminars in September in Auckland
    • Individualised Funding including Respite – Another round of these popular seminars starting August in Auckland
    • Children’s Autism “Sensory Processing Workshops” 22nd and 23rd August – Disability Connect will be presenting as well – book now!
    • Special Education Update Forum 27th August – further meetings in Auckland, open to parents
    • Nike’s new shoe for disabilities
    • Community Inclusion workshops with Ric Thompson in August/September – brought to you by Imagine Better
    • Plus lots of updated Scoop articles and bulletins from other disability organisations

     e-bulletin 17 August 2015 - PDF format

    Lisa Martin
    Disability Connect
    Parent & Family Resource Centre Inc. trading as Disability Connect
    09 636 0351
    Facebook - Twitter
    CC21603 – is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005.

    Vision: Disabled people and their families are able to lead the lives they desire.
    Mission: To empower disabled people and their families through leading social change.
    Core Value:Respecting and supporting choice.

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    Nurses - making the difference in Healthcare

    To read more open link:


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    Here is a super cool new website for young people around exam stress. It is an Australian website but a good tool for High School Students and even those doing uni.

    Open link to read more:


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    Changing Minds - Strengthening Self-Determination

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    Check out what's happening and available from The Werry Centre for Children and Adolescent Mental Health........

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    Keep up to date......................

    • Standing Orders
    • Clinical Guidelines
    • Useful Links
    • Templates
    Let us know if there are more tools or links you would like to access and/or share......
    Let's chat to find out more - please post comment

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    Adolescent Health in the news 

    • Research
    • National 
    • International
    • Publications
    • Resources
    • Workshops
    • Webinars
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    Mental Health - Give some time for well-being research
    • Survey
    • Book Blog - Fundraising and Communications Intern Kate Cherven reviews Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius.
    • Latest News including funding opportunity
    • New NZ research & resources 

    Open link to read more: 


    For more information go to: http://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/

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    NZ Aids Foundation 11th August 2015:

    The LYC website has been re-developed into a one-stop-shop for young gay and bisexual men, offering highly relevant and media-rich sexual health information.

    Appropriate sexual education for young gay and bisexual men is non-existent in many New Zealand high schools, and the LYC website is designed to fill this void. Research tells us that, in the absence of relevant sexual education at school or at home, these young men are turning to the internet to learn about gay sex. Internet searches on mobile devices are an easy way to discreetly seek out such information – unfortunately this also means the sources are often porn, which isn’t always the healthiest or safest means of being educated.

    Recognising that mobile is the primary device being used for accessing this knowledge, the new website has been designed first for mobile, with tablet and desktop versions being adapted from the mobile version. 

    The new LYC website, designed by Pitch Studio, pushes the educational value of the previous site even further, with greater engagement and a cutting-edge design. It gives gay and bisexual men what they need to equip themselves to be safe, with highly engaging imagery and videos. 

    Key elements are the instructional videos featuring real men, with topics such as how to have anal sex and how to put on a condom. These instructional videos are being viewed by 40 people per hour. Research shows that young gay and bisexual men respond well to real-world resources such as these.

    The new website also includes relevant content for high-risk gay and bisexual men, with the popular ask a sexpert section answering visitors’ questions about HIV, undetectable viral load and PrEP.

    LYC is for all gay and bisexual men, regardless of culture or background. However, we recognise that the voices and experiences of ethnic minorities can sometimes lack visibility in the gay community so the new website includes news, events and blogs that reflect our diverse Takatāpui, Pacific Island and Asian communities.

    Novel methods to promote condom use for anal sex as a normal behaviour for young gay and bisexual men are needed now more than ever. For such HIV prevention resources to be successful, they must reflect the wants and needs of the target audience – something that has been front-of-mind in the development of the new website.

    Check it out at www.loveyourcondom.co.nz!

    Source: https://www.nzaf.org.nz/news-and-media/news/lycplugs-the-gaps-in-sexual-health-education/

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