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Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand (SYHPANZ) supports Doctors, Nurses, and Allied Health Professionals working within the Youth Health & Development scope of practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.



Save the Date: Involve 2020 Wellington Mon - Wed Aug 17 -19 

Plan for INVOLVE 2020 .......

The theme for INVOLVE 2020 is...

Our Waka, New Seas.

With what’s in our waka,

together we navigate new seas.

INVOLVE 2020 focuses on the changes we see approaching the sectors working with the taiohi/youth of Aotearoa. It also looks at the skills, tools, wisdom and connections we have to meet these changes – including the histories that inform us.

We are excited to be in this waka with you!

Less than 12months away and we are busy planning and engaging  Youth Health & Development presenters for clinical topics and trends.

Some of the topics to date we aim to offer are:

  • Transgender care in the community
  • Trauma and attachment on relationships
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Sexual Assault
  • More to come .................

Get in touch with us and let us know of topics that you are keen to learn more about.

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Keep up to date with conference developments via our website and INVOLVE 2020 website

Please let us know if you are aware of any sponsorship or other funding access to support INVOLVE 2020.

Your Exec attended ............

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We believe investing in Youth Health delivery reaps triple rewards:

  • improved outcomes for young people today; 
  • improved health burden as this generation ages;  
  • improved outcomes for the babies of the young people ie the next generation.

The youth population requires a particular skill set to work with them effectively and this is not always addressed in disease –focused training models.

These implications will require a renewed look at coordination of workforce development to meet the changing needs and wider scope of the professionals involved in health care for adolescents/youth at the primary and referral levels.  The workforce requires a multidisciplinary focus (and the skill set for MDT work) to minimize addressing needs in silos.

SYHPANZ strongly supports and advocates for a robust and skilled Youth Health Workforce. We also aim to ensure sustainability and recognise we need a proactive workforce succession strategy.

Recently some of the Exec attended:   

  • MOH: Delivering equity of health and wellbeing in Aotearoa - Te tuku oranga hauora e orite ana i roto i Aotearoa. Click here to read Health & Disability System Review Interim Report
  • The Ministry's forum is an opportunity for the sector to come together to reflect on our successes, address the challenges facing the health and disability system today, and shape efforts to the agenda to deliver a strong and fair public health and disability system.
  • There were 4 main areas of focus for the workshops:
    • Equity
    • Wellbeing
    • Person Directed Support
    • Health Workforce

Opportunities have arisen for SYHPANZ to discuss further around these areas, in particular Health Workforce. 

What's on Top......................

Global Adolescent Health
Lancet Commission on adolescent health and wellbeing 

    Key Messages: 

        • Investments in adolescent health and wellbeing bring a triple dividend of benefits now, into future adult life, and for the next generation of children. 
        • Adolescents are biologically, emotionally, and developmentally primed for engagement beyond their families. We must create the opportunities to meaningfully engage with them in all aspects of their lives. 
        • Inequities, including those linked to poverty and gender, shape all aspects of adolescent health and wellbeing: strong multisectoral actions are needed to grow the resources for health and wellbeing and off er second chances to the most disadvantaged. 
        • Adolescents and young adults face unprecedented social, economic, and cultural change. We must transform our health, education, family support, and legal systems to keep pace with these changes. 


    Adolescence and the next generation 


    George C. Patton, Craig A. Olsson, Vegard Skirbekk, Richard Saffery, Mary E. Wlodek, Peter S. Azzopardi, Marcin Stonawski, Bruce Rasmussen, Elizabeth Spry4, Kate Francis3, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Nicholas J. Kassebaum, Ali H. Mokdad, Christopher J. L. Murray, Andrew M. Prentice, Nicola Reavley, Peter Sheehan, Kim Sweeny, Russell M. Viner & Susan M. Sawyer 

        • Adolescent growth and social development shape the early development of offspring from preconception through to the post-partum period through distinct processes in males and females. At a time of great change in the forces shaping adolescence, including the timing of parenthood, investments in today’s adolescents, the largest cohort in human history, will yield great dividends for future generations.
    Community - School Based Health Services
      • Youth Survey 2012high quality school health services (those that have on-site staff well trained in youth health, with sufficient time to work with students and to perform tasks like routine HEEADSSS assessments) do impact positively on student health and wellbeing outcomes in areas such as depression, suicide risk, sexual health, alcohol misuse and school engagement. There is also evidence that high quality school health services lessen the use of hospital A & E by students.
      • Few schools have enough resources for mental health: Teen suicide and depression drops by two thirds in schools with good health services - but only one in 10 has that level of resourcing, research shows. Dr Denny said effective health teams were based within schools, generally involved nurses, general practitioners, youth workers and counsellors, and had a strong partnership with their host schools.

    Networking for all

    SYHPANZ connects to multiple networks such as Ministries for Health, Social Development, & Youth Development, Family Planning, The Collaborative Trust, Ara Taiohi, Youth One Stop Shops (YOSS), School Nurses, School Based Health Care, School Services, Primary Health Care, Youth Specialty Services, Secondary Health Care, Mental Health Services, Alcohol & Other Drug Services, Auckland Health Research Group (AHRG), Mentoring...............as our membership grows so do our network links.  

    Please join us and connect to Special Interest Groups.

    Knowledge Brokering

    We aim to provide research & resources such as:

    • Links to Youth 2012, 2007, 2001 
    • International Literature, 
    • Youth Health Presentations, 
    • Links to Youth Health resources, 
    • Best Practice Standards such as National Youth Health Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework, 
    • Standing Orders
    Let us know what else might be useful 
    Please join us to view our shared resources.
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